Our Community - P & C Association

The Parents and Citizens' Association meets Wednesday evenings during Weeks 3 and 7 in the school library to discuss upcoming fundraising events and the school agenda. Our major focus is providing opportunities to support school educational programs and the school environment in which students learn.

Our P & C organise a variety of events to raise money for much needed resources in the school.

Over the past few years the P & C have been able to provide the following through their fundraising efforts.

  • Robotics equipment
  • New books for class and library use
  • Interactive Smartboards
  • Representative Jerseys
  • Year 6 Shirts
  • Air conditioning

Some of the events we have organised to achieve our goals are:

  • discos
  • school Cookbook
  • Mother's Day & Father's Day stalls
  • Krispy Kreme donut & hot cross bun drives
  • movie nights

The P & C also supports the following school events:

  • walkathon
  • Education Week
  • Easter raffle
  • welcome BBQ
  • kindergarten orientation and transition programs
  • sport representatives
  • International Teacher's Day

The P & C also run the school canteen which provides a variety of foods both at lunch and recess. The school canteen supports the "Healthy School Canteen" strategy.

The P & C welcomes new members to our school community and encourages parents to be involved. Any involvement, big or small, is greatly appreciated.

The P&C Executive are:


Andrew Karamitos

Vice Presidents

Heidi Breeze
Craig Lindsay


Michelle Bartolo


Deanna Heffron


Please contact the P&C President - Mr Andrew Karamitos to get involved on 0456 124 281